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Name: Sawyer
From: Cats Don't Dance

Age: Adult Cat, probably 4 in human years, which is 33 in cat years. 
Gender: Female
Personality: Sawyer is a tough as nails, frank, no nonsense secretary of Hollywood's Animal Auditions. While she has friends, such as Tillie the Hippo, she tends to stay to herself, wanting to be left alone and have decent pay, especially from Danny who accidentally makes her trip in a well and just outright does not make a good impression with her at all. She is intelligent and maybe even snarky, negotiating with her boss to extend her pay in agreement to play a part in Darla's "Little Ark Angel". Sawyer does have a softer side however, when Danny leaves Hollywood back to his home in Kokomo, Indiana, she genuinely misses him and has a melancholy show tune of how he gave her hope, made her believe again. 
Backstory: Little is known about her childhood, but from what we do know about Sawyer, she goes to Hollywood, rather like Danny, wide-eyed, filled with starry-eyed dreams of making it big in the show business, but when she was turned down, she decides to take a decent paying job, being a secretary. Sawyer is first seen trying to get a taxi, which conveniently, Danny takes during his musical number, then when she hops on the train to work, Danny's dancing on top the train, which moves the car she's in, spilling her coffee. Then finally, Danny and Sawyer are around a foundation, in which he's blissfully unaware of making her accidentally fall into it. Danny funnily enough goes to the same location Sawyer works. Sawyer attends work late, but not without looking like a wet cat, which her friend Tillie and her other animal friends comment in regards to her appearance. As Sawyer is filing a few things, telling them her unfortunate start of the day, Danny just so happens to be speaking with Sawyer's boss, Farely Wink, hoping for a role in Darla Dimple's movie, "Little Ark Angel". Unknown to Sawyer, Tillie asks if the cat Sawyer crosses had orange fur or any of the traits Danny had, even fusses over Sawyer's hem of her skirt so she would pretty, "in case she meets someone nice". Sawyer scoffs at this, sarcastically saying as though "he" would come right that door, which ironically Danny and Farely Wink come out of the office door, slamming the door accidentally in poor Sawyer's face. They need a female cat to play a role, and Farely tries to persuade Sawyer to do so. Sawyer outright refuses when she realizes she has to work with Danny, but she could not back out on her agreement. As she leaves to go to the studio with Danny, he slams the door on her tail by accident and her and Danny both leave, Danny nervously following after Sawyer, and Sawyer in a huff. In no time, this is when she enters Ink City, ironically in a well no less. Moral Standing: Sawyer is more or less a deuteragonist. She at first goes against our main hero, Danny, believing that he is just filling the animal's (and her) heads of nonsense about actually making it in the show business. Later during the movie, when she dances with the animals, while as Danny would put it, "rusty", she really gets into it, even tossing her dislike of Danny aside to dance.
Dreams: While Sawyer would deny it up and down to anyone that would ask, she always wanted to be a professional actress, singer, and dancer.
Fears: Trying to fulfill her dreams and that Danny, the animals, and her will get hurt.
Extra: She tends to use figures of speech, mostly involving animals, which tends to offend other animals, such as "I smell a rat", and a rat comes in to say, "Excuse me?!"
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Samples: Sawyer-Wiki Page

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Sawyer's a Heart Breaker

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